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  • Гума Pirelli Scorpion Trail M ProWALL 29
    Гума Pirelli Scorpion Trail M ProWALL 29 Гума Pirelli Scorpion Trail M ProWALL 29 Гума Pirelli Scorpion Trail M ProWALL 29 Гума Pirelli Scorpion Trail M ProWALL 29 Гума Pirelli Scorpion Trail M ProWALL 29 Гума Pirelli Scorpion Trail M ProWALL 29


    Anvelopa Pirelli Scorpion Trail M ProWALL 29x2.40

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    Cod: 169832

    Pattern with medium high block profile and medium distance between them for fast and safe driving on various surfaces, from hard to soft, dry and wet and with SmartGRIP rubber compound properties . The best choice for trails where the types of ground and terrain change, but maintaining speed and grip remains an essential element. In addition, the casing is characterized by a high level of reliability and long life.

    • SmartGRIP rubber compound - excellent dry and wet grip for the entire life of the tire with increased tear resistance.
    • Braid - multilayer nylon braid with a density of 60tpi for greater reliability and better handling.
    • ProWALL construction - protective reinforcement of the sides for better puncture resistance.
    • Tubeless-Ready - tubeless use with easy installation and durable feet.

    Pirelli Scorpion Trail is a complete model line of tires designed for riding on trails. The tires use the SmartGRIP rubber compound developed by Pirelli, which ensures solid grip and protection against punctures, both dry and wet. On the Scorpion Trail, you can rely on your local trails as well as mountain adventure trips. Their reliability and long-lasting driving performance allow you to focus fully on riding and not deal with the equipment you use.

    Construction: 60tpi, TLR
    Recommended rim width: 30C
    Protection: ProWALL
    Weight: 910 g

    ProWALL Casing
    side protection reinforcement technology for better puncture resistance and more stable performance when using low air pressures in the casing. The added layer of nylon fabric over the sidewall braid not only increases resistance to cuts and snaps, but also improves the overall cornering behavior of the tire, allowing for better wheel control and more precise grip. These features have been achieved without compromising tire weight and pedaling power transfer efficiency, so tires with this technology are perfect for use in racing XC deployments up to aggressive trail riding when complemented by a suitable skeleton (120tpi and 60tpi, respectively).

    The top rubber compound is a product of Pirelli's experience gained from off-road racing circuits for 2 and 4 bikes around the world. Pirelli engineers have developed a compound with two diametrically opposed properties:
    • cut resistance: guarantees maximum mechanical grip and grip in dry conditions and higher puncture resistance along with longer life
    • wet wet grip: no need to think about changing conditions whether it will rain or if there will be muddy and slippery sections on the track

    The result is a longer service life of the tire, which not only has excellent grip and grip in adverse conditions such as dry and wet, but also maintains these ride characteristics as the specimen wears. Unlike multi-compound rubber compounds (two or three), the single-compound SmartGRIP formulation allows for balanced driving characteristics during tire wear and life. The greater mechanical resistance of the rubber also provides greater resistance not only to wear but also to puncture, so it is necessary to exert more force to cut or puncture the casing.

    usage bikesport: MTB, Cross Country, Enduro, All-Mountain
    wheel size: 29" (622mm)
    tire type: Folding Tire, Tubeless Ready
    ETRTO: 60-622
    carcass density: 60 TPI/EPI
    puncture protection: anti-tear tread compound
    Model year: 2020
    weight: 910 g

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